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Improvement in the context of our “Brain Efficiency Training” Program means that you will begin to function mentally better. By better we mean that your brain will become more effective. By more effective we mean more successful, more satisfied, and that enjoyment of life is realized by you with significant ease. Ok, so WHY will you improve? Please be patient as we build our case!
First it is important to know that the AVERAGE brain is INEFFICIENT and this means that individual brains generally waste energy, especially when they are presented with mounting challenges and demands at a rate that the brain cannot manage adequately and sufficiently.
Alright, second, we live in the digital age and although the technology is wondrous and fantastic, it none-the-less carries with it ENORMOUS potential for significantly draining our mental energies. The potential results from the ability that digital technology has to expose our brains to massive quantities of information. The exposure on one hand represents a grand opportunity to get informed and interact with other humans. And on the other hand it carries with it massive levels of challenges and demands. These challenges and demands when not managed adequately, leave our brain stripped of mental energy reserves and therefore we find ourselves easily bored when circumstances are not stimulating enough. Reading is a good example of a low mental stimulation activity that can highlight and reveal mental fatigue and boredom. Persistent boredom generally leads to anxiety and depression.
Next, consider that even when an average brain is functioning inefficiently, it never-the less (in the background) is working at becoming more efficient. Brains are designed to seek out and incorporate efficiency by any/all ways and means discoverable. You can understand this brain feature by recalling that brains form habits, right? The establishment of habits is confirmation that brains want to be efficient. The more efficient an individual brain can become, the more successful that brain will be at managing stress (sensory overload).
Brain Boosters - Centers for Success programs use DIGITAL technology and the brain’s EEG signal to teach/train individual brains to function at peak efficiency. Remember, the brain naturally is always looking for ways and means to become more efficient. When the brain experiences Neurofeedback technology, it is as if the brain says WOW and YEAH and - where have you been all my life? Individual brains through repetitive exercising (training) will function better, become more effective, experience more success, satisfaction and will start to enjoy life with relative ease! Learning to be mentally efficient, is why you will improve!

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