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Brain Efficiency Tutoring is an educational process that teaches individual brains to use their mental energy wisely during all mental functions and activities. When an individual brain is functioning efficiently, the bare minimum amount of mental energy is being used to get a task done. Brains that waste mental energy while functioning find themselves experiencing mental fatigue or just plain feeling tired. Mental fatigue is a symptom and a symptom is just a word that describes a particular mental or physical feature that the individual happens to be experiencing at any given moment in time.
We think that many if not all symptoms are managed by mental energy. It is the brain’s obligation to manage all of our mental and body functions so that we experience life with a satisfactory degree of EASE. Good mental energy is used by the brain to manage our functions and when it is doing a good job we are relatively symptom free. When negative symptoms appear it is likely that the brain is experiencing mental fatigue and as such is failing to manage the body and brain function adequately.
Neurofeedback trains individual brains to function efficiently and the result is good sleep and successful management of negative symptoms.

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