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When we speak of training, it is to be understood in the context of learning. Learning is a cognitive process that usually involves a transfer of knowledge, skills and abilities from a teacher to a student. In tutoring the teacher is dedicated to one student at a time and the transfer is one on one and personal. Braining Efficiency Tutoring assigns the role of teaching to the computer and the software establishes the credentials of the teacher. Communications from the student are made possible by sensors that are pasted to the scalp of the student. These sensors inform the teacher (computer) about the student’s use of mental energy. The computer uses the data to assess the student’s performance and then communicates using visual, auditory and sometimes tactile feedback to teach/train the student to use their mental energy wisely (without wasting it!). This teaching / learning process is non invasive and when the student has gained their new skills they are able to sleep better and maintain good mental energy reserves throughout the day. They gradually begin to relax more, sleep better, wake more rested, focus better, enjoy their activities and challenges more, are able to succeed more and feel more satisfaction. Brain Efficiency Tutoring is a non- medical process of training as opposed to treatment. No diagnoses, medications or invasive procedures required.
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