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Mental energy is always available as a limited commodity in the context of a 24 hour day. It is finite and not infinite as you might already think. Mental energy levels can and will increase and decrease during the course of a given day. How much actual energy you use in a day is determined by the amount of challenges/demands to which your brain is subjected. Circumstances always carry challenges and demands. How much nutrition you consume and how well the nutrition is metabolized will also impact your mental energy reserves.
Opportunities are only as positive as our brain’s ability to manage the challenges associated with the given opportunities and or obligations. When the challenges grow greater than our brain’s ability to manage the associated demands, we begin to experience stress. The occurrence of stress is the telltale evidence that our circumstances are beginning to overwhelm us. If you miss the symptoms of being overwhelmed, tension is a second indicator that flags the onset of stress. Tension causes a variety of dis-comforts and dis-ease. Many individuals use physical exercise as a means to ease physical and mental tension associated with stress. Aging pushes brains to mental fatigue and increased inefficiency.
Neurofeedback training teaches individual brains to get tasks accomplished with the minimum of energy drain. We call the process Brain Efficiency Training. The result is mental energy is conserved and not wasted. Consequently, time is also conserved by having a brain that doesn’t waste its own energy. The more mental energy that is available to the individual brain at any given time, will determine how well that brain manages the challenges/demands of mounting stress and tension.
Improved brain efficiency facilitates (makes easier) the process of sleep. Good sleep builds good comprehension through memory consolidation and higher energy reserves by restoring the brain energy to peak levels. Good sleep is the KEY and good sleep requires mental energy!
Once you have begun Neurofeedback training your brain will begin to relax better, find rest, sleep better, wake rested and ready, focus better, enjoy life more. All of which will bring you more success and more satisfaction. You will also begin to SEEK and ACCEPT MORE opportunities, each of which will include MORE challenges and demands. You’ll want more, because you are more effective and productive as a result of the Neurofeedback. The brain seeks to be effective and productive as a natural result of maturing and being energized.
Lifestyle Neurofeedback training for maintenance is an OPPORTUNITY that you will not want to miss! Keep on training and stay efficient!

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