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Western medical practices have at their core diagnostic examinations and medications to treat those diseases that health care practitioners have identified.
It is common for potential clients to come to us for training while on a regimen of medications. The question that is commonly asked is; “Will my medications interfere with the Neurofeedback training? The answer is generally NO!.
Having said NO, it never-the-less remains important to understand that medications are generally directed at the brain in an effort to enhance brain function.
In Neurofeedback training, the same medicated brain is being taught to function more efficiently. When the brain begins to function more efficiently, as it will with the training, it requires less and sometimes none of the medications that are currently being used.
If you continue with the same medication dosage even after your brain has become more efficient, then you will likely begin to experience the negative side effects of the medications. Don’t become alarmed if this happens. It’s predictable and it just means that it is time to reduce your medication dosage. Why? Because your brain no longer needs as much medication to function and perform well. Ask your health care practitioner to explain the best way to lower your dosage so that the process is smooth and easy.

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