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The brain is an information processing engine. It devours information and works to make sense of that information to enhance the experience of living life and benefiting from it.
In the digital age, the brain can be likened to “a pig in a buffet.” The Digital age is the time when access to information is overwhelming and non-stop, 24 hours a day. Digital devices are tools that the brain uses to gain practically unlimited access to information.
The brain thrives on information, yet can grow mentally fatigued when the “RATE” of information flow exceeds the ability of the brain to manage the challenge. This condition is know as “information overload” or just plain old mental fatigue (stress). Too tired and chaotic to focus. What started out as desireable stimulation, has now morphed into stress or sensory overload.
Sensory overload starts out as boredom and with enough persistent boredom, anxiety appears. Now you can expect the sleep process to become disrupted. Poor sleep performance leads to failed memory consolidation and mental energy reserves dwindle. Focus deteriorates and academics suffer.

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