Neurofeedback Vs. Biofeedback

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Biofeedback technology requires that participants be mature enough and educated enough to take instruction and perform activities as directed by a technician. Biofeedback technology allows qualified individuals to learn to control physiological states such as heart rate & pain. Since the participants have to possess the ability to understand and learn sophisticated activities, Biofeedback inherently limits the demographic of who can participate in the process. Although biofeedback is effective in its aims at controlling physiological states, it requires conscious participation in the process in order to achieve its beneficial goals.
The Neurofeedback Process, on the other hand, is fundamentally driven by the measurement of the brain’s activities known as the EEG or Electroencephalogram. This measurement is sent to a computer that is equipped with a sophisticated software program that allows the computer to “feedback” information to the participant. This trains their subconscious brain to perform functionally without wasting valuable and limited mental energy, and as an extension saves individuals from inadvertently wasting time through inefficient brain function. Participants only need to consent to the placement of electrodes on their scalp. No conscious instruction is necessary to gain the benefits of the technology. Even newborn infants can participate! All demographics can participate in its benefits.

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