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Neurofeedback is the word that generally describes any computer based software program that uses the EEG electroencephalogram to drive a non-invasive brain training activity.
Brain Boosters - Centers for Success are educational facilities that offer computer based tutoring that teaches/trains participants to use their mental energy wisely. Wise use of mental energy is achieved when an individual brain does not waste its own energy through hyperactivity, but instead uses only the bare minimum of energy to perform all the functions associated with successful living while avoiding mental fatigue.
In Brain Boosters’ tutoring process the computer and its associated software perform the role of a private instructor while the participant is seen as a student. In any given Neurofeedback training session the computer uses the student’s EEG as a channel of communication. The computer uses EEG data to assess the student’s performance and subtley feeds back visual, auditory and/or tactile information that consistently guides the student in the use of peak efficiency performance. Eventually the student will automate the efficient performance as a habituated behavior (automatic).

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