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One Hundred Billion Neurons (brain cells) in the average brain is a number that exceeds the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Each one of those Neurons fires on the average of 200 times per second. Each neuron firing consumes energy and it does so within the context of time. The entirety of the brain will include 20 million billion firings every single second. When a brain consumes more energy than it needs to in order to fire a neuron, we think of this process as wasting energy and therefore inefficient.
Now efficiency is generally defined as getting a task done without wasting time or energy. In context of the brain and its function, the tasks that are relevant are the firings of the neurons. If you used a fly swatter made of iron, you might successfully kill the fly, but in the process of killing the fly you would have wasted both time and energy.
Individual brains have a reactivity factor that is called temperament. Each individual brain is born with a reactivity factor. The more reactive a brain is to stimulation the more energy it will consume when functioning. Brains can be taught to function at peak efficiency using Neurofeedback Technology. This training exercise is non-invasive and it influences the brain to function efficiently.
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