The “Dis”- Connection

Special Needs & Neurofeedback

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"Good Mental Energy facilitates a sense of well-being"

"Efficient Brains Sleep Better And Perform More Effectively"

"Mental Energy Empowers Function"

Our Point of View

The Prefix “Dis” is from the Latin, language of the Romans and it meant not, or not any. In today’s terms we understand human needs in basic concepts like those listed below. When a person’s basic needs are “dissed” we think of these individuals as having “Special Needs”. This “special needs” status is accompanied by “in” efficient brain function (mental energy wasters)

Neurofeedback is an assistive technology process that trains brains to be efficient in their use of mental energy. “Special Needs” individuals can and do benefit significantly from having efficient brain function.

They benefit chiefly by learning to use their mental energy wisely. Good mental energy facilitates power to deal with and overcome “dis”abilities. Ask us for details.

"Efficient Brains Maintain Power & Control and find Comfort More Easily. They are Happier"

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