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All behavior good/bad, acceptable/unacceptable is fueled by mental energy. In other words the capacity to act is a function of mental energy.
Even though getting praised for one’s performance is generally more desirable than being criticized, we still see individuals perform in ways that draw criticism. It is easy to fall into the trap of demeaning an individual’s character by labeling them using terms and phrases such as, “you are just being lazy”, “you are just not trying”, “you just don’t want to do it” or “you are a procrastinator”. The list can go on and on.
We think that most individuals know what is expected of them, but find that they often lack the ability to do the “hard things”, like following the rules or disciplining themselves to comply with expectations.
Criticizing seems to be a normal default for parents, teachers, administrators and other people in authority, when dealing with unwanted behavior. We know that brains that are experiencing mental fatigue, easily drift into boredom and then slide into anxiety. It’s predictable, because brains get attuned to expecting criticism and know that consequences and punishment will soon follow. Mental fatigue is a disability and the brain can be trained to overcome the deficit. We think that brains like these can be trained to function more efficiently, sleep better and wake rested, with ability to meet everyday challenges and succeed.
Neurofeedback training can help restore mental energy.

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