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There is hardly a period of time in a person’s lifespan that is more mentally challenging (demanding) than the formal academic years. The challenges of academic studies are the result of the “novelty” factor. The novelty factor is how we understand that every new academic day brings new lessons, new information, new concepts. Newness or novelty requires the greatest consumption of mental energy of most all other stages of development. In order for any brain to learn and integrate new information it must be able to pay attention. Mentally fatigued brains experience boredom and drift into day dreaming. This tired state puts success in academic activities out of reach and opens the door to anxiety.
Attention has four categories of performance that are subject to change (instability). Maintaining focus is one, then impulse control is another, processing speed is also significant and then consistency brings up the rear and it speaks of how stable these basic functions present in an individual. Mental fatigue is the natural enemy of academic pursuits. Get the pre-frontal cortex fatigued and you can trace the downward slide of academic performance. Sensory overload brought on by more information than a brain can manage at any given time, will lead to poor sleep performance and habituated mental fatigue. Training brains to function efficiently will help brains to sleep better, focus better,and perform academic activities with ease and success.
Learning can be a wonderful and great experience, one that can last a lifetime. So whether or not you or your child are struggling with poor attention skills or if you just want to make your focus better so that you can be a leader, come enroll in our program and we’ll teach you peak efficiency performance and you will be glad you did!

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