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Brain Boosters administers standardized “Visual Continuous Performance Testing”. The assessment and the hand held computer are know as the “QIK”. The “QIK” will establish the baseline for a starting student in the arena of variables of attention. Each participant will be scored in four categories,i.e. sustained attention, impulse control, processing speed and consistency of response. The test runs 21 minutes in length and provides us with insight into any attentional disabilities that exist at the time of testing. The first time you or your child take the test is for the purpose of establishing baseline scores. Baseline results represent how we found you or your child prior to Neurofeedback training. Retests are administered after every 10 hours of training and a trend emerges that reflects the improvement that is being realized from the training.

Neurofeedback Tutoring/Training

Our basic course consists of 100 hours of Neurofeedback sessions. You purchase these training sessions in a bundle of 10 sessions that must be used within a thirty day period.

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