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"Marilyn and I train regularly with Neuro-
feedback to guard against cognitive deficits due to aging"

We are husband and wife of 17 years , 9 years of which we have delivered over 82,000 thirty minute sessions of Neurofeedback. We have developed a confidence and skill in understanding the process, explaining the process and in administering the technology. We have been entrepreneurs all of our adult life and have many years of successful satisfying life. We are passionate about the technology that we have called Brain Efficiency Tutoring. Neurofeedback is employed in the tutoring / training as an assistive technology process that trains individual brains to be efficient in their use of mental energy. When learned, the efficiency skill is put to use to support mental function in effective, satisfying and productive ways that make success a foregone conclusion. We care about individuals, and we want to have a part in making each individual life the best that it can possibly be. We have developed programs that are effective, affordable and easily accessible to everyone regardless of color, creed, beliefs or nationality. Our tutors are completely unbiased, lack prejudice, are always calm and without mood swings, reliable, dependable, courteous, consistent, friendly and respectful of personal needs. Our tutors are computers, therefore they always do what they were programmed to do without complaint and grumbling. With the skills that our programs teach, individual participants gain the ability to manage stress in everyday practical ways by maintaining the optimum level of mental energy reserves. Our clients consist of everyone from infants to the aged. We really enjoy being surrogate grandparents to the many children in our program. We are good listeners, trustworthy and ready to serve you in ways that are custom to your needs. We are always available to consult with you and to share the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have amassed over the years. We love what we do and the help that our clients receive. We want and plan to do it till we drop!

"We invite you to personally experience the benefits of Neuro-
feedback training!"

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